Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wilton Cake Course I, Class 2

For our second class we were to bring an iced cake to class. We could either make a character cake or the rainbow cake. I chose the rainbow cake. (Decorating w/ stars is very time consuming and I didn't think I'd have enough time for a character cake.... I was right!)

In this class we learned how to decorate w/ stars, zigzags, printing, writing, lines and dots. We also learned to do the Wilton Rose base.

For my Rainbow cake, I made the cake w/ Duncan Hines French Vanilla cake mix (it didn't taste too bad... but I think I like Yellow better...)... I also filled the cake w/ frosting... I also wanted to try the rainbow cake (instead of a character cake) so I could try the piping gel pattern transfer (I don't have a lot of artistic ability and can't draw anything freehand! So any designs I use will have to be done using this method!)

I don't think my cake came out too bad for my first attempt... My icing job could have been better... but considering it's the first time I've ever iced a layer cake, I was pretty happy w/ the results. I was able to get everything decorated in class except for the writing, which I did once I got home... (My clouds were also made w/ a tip size bigger than the book said... a suggestion from my instructor... to make the clouds look fluffier!)


life--as best we can said...

Wow! Your cake looks really good! I am getting excited about this first class, keep me posted on your 2nd. I am interested in what you will be doing.

Foni said...

Cherrie,u did nice layer with the wilton cutter.This rainbow cake looks so cute, I wish I can join any wilton classes. Here in Panama, I dont think there´s course from Wilton. Thats why I have no idea how to use the cutter properly. Well, anyway thx for your info,at least I know that this cutter is helping. I would love to try it again for another cake. Lots of thx