Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Cake That Started It All...

Here's a picture of the "first" cake I made. (I say "first" because of course I've made regular 9x13 cakes w/ frosting... but this was the first one I actually took time to make and tint the icing on and then decorate...) It was for my daughters 1st birthday last year. I also made cupcakes to match! I had intended on giving my little girl a cupcake to smash... but we ended up passing out the cupcakes and then giving her the entire cake to smash! (well... actually she mainly just poked at it!)

And since I made that cake I had wanted to learn more... cause of course that one was pretty basic! (I just iced the top and actually used a tip from my cookie press to stripe the bottom to look like a cupcake wrapper...) And now I'm getting ready to start the third Wilton cake course! And having tons of fun! Yeah!

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LaLa-Laura said...

That cake is darling!

Hey, thanks for entering the stroller contest on my site!