Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wilton Cake Course III, Class 2 Prep

So I'm starting to get organized for my second class in Wilton's Course 3.... I'm going to make the 8" square package cake.... and I'm starting to have a lot of questions...

I'm trying to figure out how much fondant I'll need and the best way to do it... I have already purchased the 24 oz box of white fondant... which may or may not be enough to cover my cake... Does anyone know? (I think the book says I'll need 30 oz... which includes leftovers from class 1... but we didn't do anything w/ fondant in class 1.... but does the 30 oz include the white flowers they put all over the cake?)

(I had the Wilton Fondant Amounts chart suggested to me... which says I'll need 36 oz for my cake... but that assumes a 4" high cake... so maybe the 30 oz is accurate, since my cake will most likely only be about 3 " high....)

Also, the book says that to do the bow I'll need 12 oz of fondant! Wow! The pre-colored Wilton fondant has 4 colors in a box and only 4.4 oz of each color... so obviously, I don't want to buy 3 boxes of that to get my colored fondant...

Does anyone have experience making this cake? What did you do? Did you color your own fondant? From homemade or store bought? How much store bought did you buy?

BTW... does anyone have any recommendations on removing the folds from the cake dividing wheel? I've tried soaking in hot water... which helped a little... and I've also ironed it in between two towels w/ the iron as hot as I dare... the plastic was pretty hot to the touch! Most of the wrinkles are out... but I can still feel the dents from the main folds... will this effect the fondant on my cake?

I'd appreciate any comments or suggestions you could give to make my life a little easier! Thanks everyone!


Chelle said...

Hi Cherie, I saw your comment on my blog and from what I can remember I think I bought 2 of the smaller size boxes of fondant, but didn't use all of it. As far as coloring the bow, I just used the wilton colors that you use to color icing, and you use the same method - toothpicks, and then you knead the fondant to work the color in. Your instructor should go over this with you during the class too. Good luck!!

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Melissa (Florida) said...

I am getting ready to take this class and our instructor told us to buy the large box of fondant. The one that is regular $20.00. I got mine last week on sale at AC Moore when they had then half price. I really enjoy your blog thanks for posting. I am getting ready to do my last cake in course 2 and I love that you did the chocolate icing. That is how i am going to do mine.

Cherie said...

Thanks! Chelle and Melissa! I appreciate your comments! I'm going to go buy the large box today or tomorrow!